Benji, Oliver and Lucas Need an Adoptive Family!

Benji, Oliver and Lucas need an adoptive family! These three boys are described as sweet and caring. The oldest boys understand the idea of adoption and dream of having a permanent, loving family.

Benji needs an adoptive family

Benji is nine years old and the oldest of the boys.

He is said to be a hard worker and trusting of others. His caregivers speak highly of his way with others and say he is patient, loving and kind. At his care center, to make sure his friend who is in a wheelchair gets included, Benji often pushes his friend to the playground.

Benji is very driven and is happy when he achieves his goals. Some of his favorite activities are riding bikes, swimming and playing soccer. While Benji sometimes has trouble in school, he is very determined to learn and works hard. He is protective of Oliver and Lucas and they get along well.

Oliver needs an adoptive family

Oliver is eight years old.

He can be shy at first but quickly opens up once he feels comfortable! His caregivers say he is quiet and observant with good manners. They refer to him as a “real gentleman.” He often expresses his appreciation for the things his current caregivers do for him. He loves to go to the beach and to play soccer.

Lucas needs an adoptive family

Lucas is four years old.

His caregivers say he is affectionate, playful and very silly! Lucas loves to make others laugh and is becoming more independent and self-confident as he grows older. He is friendly and happily approaches people he is familiar with for a hug. Lucas enjoys playing with friends, outside and in the water. His favorite toys are trucks!

These sweet boys have some special needs, including potential prenatal exposure to alcohol and developmental delays. Benji and Lucas take medication to help manage and control seizures from epilepsy.

Benji, Oliver and Lucas need a family who is nurturing and fun-loving. They would thrive in an encouraging family who can recognize and celebrate their achievements and goals, big or small. The adoptive family should have access to excellent speech and occupational therapies and medical and educational resources. Benji, Oliver and Lucas would do best as the only children in the home.

Benji, Oliver and Lucas’s faces are hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see more photos of the boys and learn more about them, email us at [email protected]!

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