Young boy sits on park bench with face covered

Meet Aspen! This cheerful, calm 11-year-old wants a family of his own. Could you or someone you know be the right fit for Aspen?

Aspen’s caregivers describe him as a sweet, happy, calm and introverted boy. They say he always has a positive attitude toward life!

Aspen loves to cook and proposes new recipes to his foster mom to try! He also enjoys playing outside with games like soccer. Aspen’s favorite color is green, and he would love to visit the ocean one day.

Aspen’s foster family has a farm out in the country. One of his favorite things to do is spend the weekend at the farm with his foster family. He has a strong attachment to his foster mother, who describes him as generous and a leader. Aspen is always helping others — including other children — in the home. He says when he gets older, he wants to have a career where he can continue to help people.

Because of disruption early in Aspen’s life, he ended up starting school later than most children at age 8. However, Aspen has learned quickly and his school reports state that he is smart and committed to school! He also really enjoys his music classes.

Aspen loves chicken and hamburgers, and he does not like onions because they make him cry!

Aspen hopes for a family one day, and often will pray with his foster mother about his future family. When Aspen prays he says, “I want a family that will love me!” He hopes for a family with a mom, dad and siblings. He also prays that the family who adopts him will have a dog for him to play with! The ideal adoptive family for Aspen will be familiar with older child adoption and comfortable with a TBRI® approach. They will also have access to Spanish-speaking language supports and be able to help Aspen deal with the grief and loss he has experienced.

Aspen’s face is covered due to country restrictions on privacy, but our team has more photos and videos of him to share! We are advocating hard for this special young man! If you would like to learn more about Aspen, please email us at [email protected]!

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