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Meet Ash! He is eager to be welcomed into a loving adoptive family!

Ash is 13 and has spent most of his life in orphanage care in his home country. Ash is an athletic boy! Some of his favorite activities include soccer, basketball and bike riding. He participates in a local soccer league, where he has both a love and a talent for the game. He is excited to participate in a competitive soccer camp this summer with other children his age.

Ash has been living in the United States since December 2022, and he has picked up basic English. He takes the initiative to learn English himself through an app. He can speak in short sentences and understands most of what is being said to him by others.

Some of Ash’s other interests include Roblox, Marvel movies, the musician Marshmello, swimming and drawing. Reports say he generally has good relationships with peers and older children and thrives in group activities. When emotions are running high, his caregivers tickle and joke around with him until he is regulated again. If that doesn’t work, they give him space to process things on his own. Reports state he has made great progress in this area of self-regulation.

This young boy has a desire to be adopted and loved by a family. Ideally, Ash needs a family who has experience parenting teenagers. They should be familiar with TBRI® techniques to create an environment of felt safety so he can grow his confidence and create attachment. If you are interested in learning more about this special boy, please email us at [email protected].

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