You helped deliver grains, masks, immunity-boosting medicine and other essential items to the COVID “containment zone” so families like Prisha’s could regain their health as quickly as possible.

Prisha was afraid. Weeks before, their neighborhood was declared a COVID “containment zone” due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in India. She worried about what would happen to her and her community. Then Prisha and her mom got the news they feared most: they had tested positive.

Prisha and her mother were on their own and quarantined in their tiny one-room home in a slum neighborhood in India. Though they shared three walls with three different neighbors, no one asked about them, no one offered to help them. Not even friends or family. Without help, Prisha and her mom got more and more sick…

They spent the next 15 days in the hospital. Thankfully, they recovered well enough after those 15 days and were released — ordered to spend an additional two weeks quarantined in their home. But once home, they felt even more afraid and uncertain. Without the support of neighbors or family, Prisha and her mom had no way to get food or medical supplies. Although they were recovering from the virus, they had no idea how they would make it through the next two weeks.

That’s when you helped them.

As if you yourself went into the COVID “containment zone,” you helped deliver grains, masks, immunity-boosting medicine and the other help they needed to regain their health as quickly as possible.

This happened because Prisha has been involved with Holt’s donor-supported partner organization in her city for four years. Through the program, she receives education, help for her family and the support of a social worker — someone who could look out for her and her mother during this difficult time.

It was through this caring social worker that you helped Prisha and her mom. Acting as an extension of your generosity, this social worker was the only person talking with and helping Prisha and her family in those two weeks.

Because of you, Prisha and her mom received the medicine, supplies and caring help they needed while they were sick. Thank you for being there for them in their time of greatest need.

India and other countries around the world are battling new waves of COVID-19, and children and families need help.

Will you help send emergency food, medicines, masks and sanitizer, and anything else they need to survive? Give to the COVID Crisis here.

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