boy in Holt's programs in Cambodia eating dry ramen noodles

When you sponsor a child like Pheara, you provide so much more than just financial support for their schooling or their food. Through child sponsorship, sponsors like you are changing Pheara’s life!

Thirteen-year-old Pheara lives with his family in an impoverished community in Cambodia. His father is a construction worker and his mother sells coconut and rice from their house, but neither of them has a regular income. And the little money they make is definitely not enough to feed themselves, Pheara, his sister and his two brothers, let alone support their children’s education. When our team in Cambodia met this family, Pheara and his siblings were beginning to show signs of malnutrition and were falling further and further behind in school…

Then, Pheara was brought into our child sponsorship program, and everything began to change.

drawing of queen walking down the road by pheara in holt child sponsorship
A drawing that Pheara made to say “thank you!” to his sponsor of a “queen walking down the road.”

Pheara’s parents no longer had to worry! His sponsor provides everything he needs to go to school, including school supplies and his uniform. And as part of our program in Cambodia, his parents have access to resources and job skills trainings so they can learn how to generate more income to support their family. Also, Holt’s in-country staff regularly check on Pheara and his family to encourage them and provide the care and help they need. Through Holt’s child sponsorship program, sponsors like you are changing Pheara’s life.

Today, Pheara is in good health. He loves to learn and study and he attends school regularly! His teacher says that his reading and writing skills have greatly improved. Not only is Pheara getting the education he needs, thanks to his sponsor, he has the opportunity to make friends at school. Pheara has many friends, and they enjoy playing tag, hide-and-seek and football together. He is thriving!

When you sponsor a child like Pheara, you provide so much more than just financial support for their schooling or their food. A commitment to just one child means that they have even more opportunities — to make friends, thrive within their family and reach their fullest potential. Thank you for changing Pheara’s life!

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