Why We Became Sponsors

Adoptive parents Carolyn and Samuel Chetti share what inspired them to become Holt child sponsors. 

My husband and I became sponsors to support Holt’s children because of our own adoption story in 1984. We had decided to adopt a child from India, which was the home country of my husband, Samuel. At the time we received a picture of our “soon-to-be” daughter, we also received a picture of the older American couple who were sponsoring her at the orphanage to help provide for her needs while she waited.

Sam’s parents were living in Calcutta at the time. It was their openness of heart that made it also possible for us to have an easier adoption experience. They received our little 2 ½-year-old daughter from the BSSK orphanage in Pune, India. Although a different procedure than usual, they arranged for the social worker to escort her by train to Calcutta. It was a long coast-to-coast dusty trip from the western coast to the huge city of Calcutta on the eastern coast. They then undertook the air flight from Calcutta to Los Angeles to bring her to us. This was a tremendous gift for us to greet her at LAX in the arms of her new grandparents.

The Chettis adopted their daughter, Darshana, in 1984.
The Chettis adopted their daughter, Darshana, in 1984.

During that summer of 1984, the Olympic Games in Los Angeles were taking place. Sam was a chaplain at USC and helped with the hosting of the Olympian hopefuls. At the same time, we bought our first home and moved in preparation for our daughter’s homecoming in October. She was tiny at 19 lbs, but quickly stole our hearts with her gentle and bright personality as she gradually overcame her fears and grew more secure in her new forever home.

Fast forward to 2021 and you will find an accomplished young woman with a beautiful smile. She has been a blessing to us in countless ways over the years. And as we looked back in gratitude, we realized that we needed to give back by sponsoring other children like her.

We believe in Holt’s mission to give a helping hand to lift up children beyond their family’s circumstances to make a difference in their lives. We pray for our sponsored child that she will also grow into a wonderful young woman who has been given the opportunity for an education and the support her parents need to raise her in a healthy way.

May God continue to bless Holt’s outreach to the world’s children.

Carolyn & Samul Chetti | Holt Adoptive Parents & Child Sponsors

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