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We Get to Love Her Forever

After receiving a Families Not Finances Special Needs Adoption Fund grant, the Holcomb Family sent this letter to thank Holt donors for their generosity, and for helping to unite them with their daughter someday. 

Dear Contributing Donors,

On behalf of my family, we cannot thank you enough for giving to the Families Not Finances Special Needs Adoption Fund. As you know, there are so many children around the world who will benefit so much from being in a permanent loving family. A family can also offer medical care that can give so much quality of life to a child with special needs. Our daughter is no exception. She will need continued medical care and therapies when she gets to her forever home with our family.

Our adoption story started several years ago after my husband received a cancer diagnosis that rocked our world and threatened our opportunity to expand our family. Thankfully, God had a different plan and a year later we welcomed our second son in 2015 along with a clean bill of health for my husband. After we had a minute to breathe, we started discussing how we would continue to expand our family. International adoption was at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. After a couple of years, it became pretty evident that adoption was what the Lord had planned for our family and we started the international adoption process with Holt.

A couple of years and a pandemic later, we saw our daughter’s beautiful face in a photo. Her special need was something that several years before would have more than likely scared us into saying no. But both my husband and I had the most perfect peace that this little girl was to be ours and we would do everything we could to bring her into our family. Now we will continue to fill out hours of paperwork and pray for mountains to move so that she can be in our arms. Our family cannot wait to welcome her home, or as my 5-year-old says, “we get to love her forever.”

Your gift helped bring us one step closer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Kyle and Jordan Holcomb

smiling girl with Down syndrome waiting to be adopted

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