Warm Winter Coats to Children in China

Because of generous Holt donors, kids in China will be cozy all season.

China’s cold winters can feel even colder for children living in poverty. Many families don’t have heaters to warm their homes. And few can afford anything but cheap cotton coats for their kids to wear all season.

But this winter, children in Holt’s programs in China will stay warm and cozy, bundled up in heavy down coats that Holt donors generously provided through their heartfelt giving!

These children live with their families, but in extreme poverty. Their families can’t afford to send them to school, or even provide for some of their basic needs. But thanks to the compassion of Holt donors, 300 of these children are getting the help they need. All 300 of them attend two boarding schools in their home province, and still get to see their families regularly. While they’re there, Holt donors help provide tuition and school supplies, uniforms and warm meals.

And this year, they also got coats! Not just any coats, but warm, puffy down coats. The staff took each of the 300 children’s measurements beforehand to make sure the coats fit perfectly.

When the coats arrived, the kids were so excited to put on their puffy, knee-length coats in pink, black, blue and red — with hoods to cover their heads, and long sleeves to tuck in their hands.

Thank you, Holt donors, for providing coats to help children in China stay warm and dry all winter long!

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