Rural China

This winter, Holt sponsors and donors provided cozy, warm clothing to students in China who were struggling with cold classrooms and even colder walks to school. It drops below freezing in the winter in China, and children in rural areas often don’t have heated classrooms or warm jackets. It’s amazing how just the simple gift of warmth can make it possible for a child to keep learning while the winter winds blow!

Yan and her family admire her brand new warm clothes!

The Gift of Warm Clothes

When Yan received a special donation from her sponsor, we asked her what she needed the most. “Warm clothes!” she said. 

So last winter she received a long, thick down jacket, a plush sweatshirt, a pair of polar fleece trousers, warm socks and gloves. She even got them in red, her favorite color! 

When our China staff dropped the warm gifts off at her house, she immediately tried them on and asked them to take this photo to send back to you. She and her family are so grateful! 

Children at a school in rural china hold up thermoses from the cold weather gift boxes they received from Holt!

Thermoses, Gloves and Scarves

Children at this Holt-supported school in a coastal city of China used to shiver through the school day. 

But then Holt donors helped provide them with thermoses, gloves and scarves so they can be warm for the winter! 

Now, they can sip warm water or tea throughout the day, and stay warm on their way to and from school. 

Thank you for your generosity to children in the cold!

Young boy in Mongolia standing in the cold

Give a Warm Coat & Blanket

For children in orphanages and families in poverty, winter is harsh. But your gift of a warm coat and blanket will help keep a child warm.

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