Video Updates on India’s COVID Crisis for Children & Families

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India is battling its second wave of COVID-19, and children and families there are in crisis.

Children are shut in their homes on lockdown and unable to get enough food. Families can’t work and have run out of money. Our partners are not safe as they go out in the community — risking their lives to help in whatever way they can. Some of the children and families we serve are even getting sick…

The directors of each of our three partner organizations in India filmed updates to share with Holt donors. Watch their videos below to hear updates directly from the field amidst this India COVID crisis in their country.

While sick with COVID herself, Hepzibah Sharmila — the executive director of Holt’s partner organization Vathsalya Charitable Trust (VCT) — filmed this video to share with Holt donors.

“I myself am affected by COVID. And even though it’s 14 days now, I still feel so exhausted. I feel very, very sick. So I can imagine what little kids will go through, what the vulnerable community will go through, who do not have enough to eat.”

Hepzibah Sharmila, executive director of VCT


From our partner organization in Delhi, Shishu Sangopan Griha’s (SSG) director, Jim De, asks Holt donors to please send their prayers, support and help.

“We are going through a kind of apocalypse environment which the world has never seen. And we are reeling under in this country.”

Jim De, director of SSG

In Pune, Nandini Sundaramurthy — the director of Holt’s partner organization, Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra (BSSK) — shares what life is like during this crisis for the children and families in their program.

“The condition of the children and families we serve is deplorable.”

Nandini Sundaramurthy, director of BSSK


As the COVID crisis continues for children and families in India and around the world, please give now to provide emergency food, medicine, masks and sanitizer and more. 

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