Recently, Holt program directors around the world sent letters to child sponsors — sharing about the impact they made in the lives of children and families in 2021. Read the letter from Tungalag, director of Holt Mongolia!

As CEO of Holt Mongolia, I monitor the overall implementation of our programs in Mongolia and those who work directly with children in sponsorship. Your donation has changed the quality of life of Mongolian children in rural and urban areas and has been an invaluable support to their parents. In working with our staff, I have witnessed these changes in the lives of children and families — including your sponsored child.

In 2021, children living in rural areas of Mongolia began receiving your donations, which dramatically changed their quality of life. In addition to much-needed food, we were able to provide school uniforms, school supplies and essential medicines to children with special needs that cannot be found in these rural areas. And more than 300 newly published books were donated to the library of a secondary school with 1,177 students in one rural soum, or district, of Mongolia. The school lacked books for students, and there was a shortage of funds to buy books.

In 2021, you helped provide emergency food supplies for children and families living in ger communities.

Your donations were not only for the children’s health, but also an invaluable aid to the families to overcome difficult times to meet their basic needs. You helped poor families have a safe and warm home, and livestock to earn living.

In 2021, you helped provide emergency food supplies for children and families living in ger communities.

Tarialan soum of Khuvsgul aimag is one of the 300 soums in Mongolia and has the largest population in the aimag (over 600,000 people), of which 63% are children and youth. There are a total of 1,870 households in Tarialan soum, of which 210 are extremely poor — including that of E.Lkhagvabayar, a young family with two young children that has experience in herding but was unable to buy their own livestock due to poverty. With your help, this family received the funds to buy 36 livestock. The family’s life has improved as the number of livestock increased to 55 head — growing their income and providing nourishing food.

In total in 2021, the number of children involved in our programs increased to 2,600. In addition to ensuring the safety of children at home and with their parents, your donations helped children and their mothers who were housed in temporary shelters due to domestic violence. For example, donations and assistance helped equip a children’s playroom in the temporary shelter of the Prevention Division of the Capital Police Department (Call Center 107), which enabled children affected by domestic violence to play and stay with their mothers in a warm, comfortable and safe environment.

Through your generous donations, during the COVID-19 pandemic, families enrolled in the Holt program were provided with hygiene supplies such as disposable masks, hand sanitizers to prevent the virus, along with packages of food consisting of flour, rice, sugar and vegetable oil. Our staff and I are sincerely grateful for your precious donations to the children of vulnerable families of Mongolia.

We truly thank you for your continued support and assistance to poor and vulnerable families and children living in urban and rural areas of Mongolia.

Tungalag | Director, Holt Mongolia

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