Terence Needs an Adoptive Family!

Five-year-old Terence is waiting for a loving and permanent adoptive family. Terence is very affectionate; his caregivers say he is cuddly with people he knows well.

Terence enjoys playing on his own or with other children. Some of his favorite activities are listening to music and playing in the bath. He walks, runs and jumps on his own and enjoys going on the swings or the slide. As of November 2020, Terence did not speak in full sentences but is engaged, and actively listened to and followed instructions from his caregivers.

Terence is reported to be in good health. He has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease (aortic stenosis), anemia and blindness. His caregivers report that he is on target in motor and cognitive development and he is behind in language and social skills. The best fit for Terence is a family with access to excellent medical and specialized educational resources for the blind to help Terence reach his full potential.

A Families Not Finances grant is available to help find a family for Terence!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Terence?

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