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Sweatshirts for 104 Children

Holt donors are keeping children warm when Cambodia gets cold. 

Children in Cambodia usually wear thin cotton shirts, shorts and flip flops. And most of the year, this is OK. Cambodia has a tropical climate, after all. But even Cambodia can get cold, dropping into the 40s during the winter months. 

Children are unprepared when this cold weather comes. Families in poverty simply can’t afford warm clothing. 

That’s why last winter you helped give sweatshirts to 104 children! 

Soft and cozy, your sweatshirts helped children get through last winter. And children are wearing them this year too. When temperatures dropped last month, children wore their sweatshirts and didn’t have to feel the cold. 

Thank you for keeping these sweet children warm! 

Give a cold weather rescue pack, and keep a child warm this winter!

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