Support a small business this Christmas!

How to Support Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Supporting small businesses is especially important this holiday season. As life with COVID-19 continues, people all around the world continue to face economic impact, including many of the children and families in Holt’s programs. In many countries, families have lost jobs and income due to the pandemic. Parents are struggling to take care of their children and provide them with the food and educational resources they need to thrive.

But a gift from you can change everything.

One of the most impactful ways that you can support small businesses around the world is by helping a family start one — through a microgrant, given through our Gifts of Hope!

A small business microgrant is an investment in a family, one that gives its members long-term resources and tools that help them escape poverty forever. Your gift will provide the necessary funds and start-up resources for a struggling family to open a small grocery, food cart or other business, ensuring that they will have reliable income for the future.

By supporting a local business across the world, you’re also supporting a family’s local economy. A family’s small business can even transform their community.

Support a small business like Bridget’s.

One mother, Bridget, used her microgrant to expand her family’s corner shop to include printing services and Internet access. Bridget’s business helped the whole neighborhood access better technology and assisted other small businesses in the area by providing the resources they needed to grow.

Give a Microloan
Bridget, pictured here with her two children in their expanded shop. Now, Bridget makes more than enough income to support her family.

This Christmas, you can support small businesses and communities around the world by providing a microgrant to a family that desperately needs one. And when you give a microgrant to a single parent, you provide everything they need to care for their children independently and build a foundation for a hopeful future.

Want to support small businesses while helping a family in need? Give a microloan today.

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Give a Gift of Hope

Give a lifesaving or life-changing tangible gift to a child or family in need. And this holiday season, give in honor of a loved one and they’ll receive a free card!

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