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Niran and his twin daughters. Holt sponsored programs in Thailand help this single parent in raising his daughters.

Niran and his twin daughters.

While visiting Holt sponsor-supported programs in Thailand this spring, I attended what is perhaps the cutest of all our programs there: a support group for families with twins and triplets — of which there are a surprisingly high number in southern Thailand.

As I observed the 40-or-so parents and children gathered to learn parenting strategies and build community, 2-year-old Hansa and Yindee immediately stood out to me with their adorable purple polka dot capris, pink ruffled shirts and little top ponytails. I asked their father, Niran, what it’s like raising two girls as a single parent, what he is gaining from this group, and what his hopes and dreams are for his daughters.

I learned that Niran spends nearly all of his time caring for his girls and isn’t able to work. But when he contacted Holt Sahathai Foundation, he began receiving nutritional support for his daughters. And someday soon, when Hansa and Yindee attend preschool with help from their sponsors, Niran may also receive a Holt microloan, which will empower him to start a small business and provide independently for his family.

As he spoke, Niran kept returning to his unwavering dedication to Hansa and Yindee. “Family,” he said, “is the most important thing for each child.”


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