Little girl in white shirt puts hands on hips and smiles

This is Starla! Starla needs a family who will encourage her love of singing and music who can also provide her a loving, stable environment so she can thrive! Could you or someone you know be the right family for Starla?

Starla is 10 years old, she is a sweet child who is easy-going and loves giving hugs. She is not afraid to try new things. She likes dressing up as a princess and having her nails painted. Starla has lots of rhythm! She enjoys singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. She can even play a few songs on the piano. Outside of dress-up and music, Starla enjoys building puzzles, jumping on a trampoline and making new friends. She also loves puppies and ice cream. Her favorite food is meat.

Starla is currently enrolled in school, studying Afrikaans Home Language, English First Additional Language, Math and Life Orientation. She enjoys school and her reports show improvement in her development with therapeutic interventions. Starla also plays netball through her school.

Starla enjoys playing with children who are the same age group as her. She has bonded with the child and youth care workers, and she can easily form a bond with an adult when she gets lots of individual attention. Starla is also always eager to help around the house, happily picking up a broom and sweeping out a bedroom or the kitchen. She enjoys learning new things. Starla will also comfort others if she sees that they are sad or upset.

Starla needs a loving family who can provide therapeutic intervention, good resources and strong educational support to support her continued growth. Her face is covered here due to country restrictions on privacy, but our staff have more photos and videos of her to share! If you would like to learn more about Starla, please email our team at [email protected].

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