Hi, I'm "That Armless Guy," George Dennehy!

Before I was adopted, I was just like so many of the children here who are waiting for sponsors — sick, hungry and alone. When you become a sponsor, you can change the course of a child's life forever. You can tell them that they're not abandoned.

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For $34 a month, your sponsorship provides an orphan or a child from an impoverished community with the food, clothing, school supplies, medical care and family support they need. Your advocacy gives a child everything they need to grow up safe and healthy and escape poverty forever.

China | Boy
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I'm 12!
My birthday is 12-13-2007!
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Mongolia | Boy
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I'm 1!
My birthday is 06-05-2019!
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Cambodia | Girl
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I'm 13!
My birthday is 01-01-2007!
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Uganda | Boy
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I'm 3!
My birthday is 06-03-2017!
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Why I Care About Child Sponsorship

I'm excited to be a part of child sponsorship as a way to help people be a part of children's stories all around the world — children who are hurting, children who are waiting for a family. I was just nine pounds, malnourished and neglected, when I was adopted at age 3. When I think about the one-on-one care that sponsors give children, I think about what a difference it would have made in my life. For children just like me, but who may not be adopted like I was, sponsorship can save their life.

As a sponsor, you step into children's lives and care for them. You become a part of their story, and you also become a part of God's story of redemption for them.

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