Sponsor a Child, Transform Their Life Forever

For $34 a month, your sponsorship will give an orphan or a child from an impoverished community the food, clothing, school supplies, medical care and family support they need. Your advocacy gives a child everything they need to grow up safe and healthy and escape poverty forever.

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What Does My Monthly Gift Provide?

For $34 a month, your support helps a child survive today and thrive tomorrow by addressing the root causes of poverty and other hardships, and by helping whole families and communities grow strong. Depending on the needs of your sponsored child, you have the opportunity to provide:


Will I Hear From My Sponsored Child?

Yes! Two to three times a year, your sponsored child's on-the-ground advocate will work with your sponsored child and their family or caregiver to provide an update, new photo or colored picture just for you. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to send gifts and cards three times per year, and you are welcome to write to your child any time.

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Sponsors Make All the Difference

Kids shouldn't worry about where they will sleep at night, but too often they do. See one sponsor's story of giving a new home to a family living near Mongolia's largest garbage dump.

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Who Are the Kids in Holt’s Sponsorship Program?

More than 60 years of experience has shown us that children thrive in families. That’s why the ultimate goal of Holt’s child sponsorship program is to ensure that every one of the 200,000 children in our global programs has a stable, loving home. As a sponsor, you help achieve this goal by...

Keeping Families Together



of sponsored children live with their parents or extended family.

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Caring For Orphans



of sponsored children live with foster families, or in group homes or orphanages.

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Caring For Children Who Wait



of sponsored children are waiting to join a family through adoption.

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Child Sponsorship FAQs

Sponsorship faqs

Countries Where We Work

Holt International has child sponsorship programs in twelve countries. Click to learn more about Holt's programs — and how you can help kids in need. If you want to sponsor a child in a particular country or from a particular program, please call us at 541-687-2202 and we can help!

Holt International is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. EIN: 23-7257390.