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Three little boys in animal mass sit on a leather couch with toys.

Spencer Needs a Family!

Meet Spencer, he’s ten years old! Spencer needs a family who will be patient, loving and encourage him to develop his creative talents! In the above picture, Spencer is on the right in the striped blue shirt with the zebra mask, playing with his friends.

Holt staff have met Spencer in person, where they saw he was kind to his friends and cooperative with staff. He moved from activity to activity quickly. According to his current caregivers, Spencer adapts well to new situations and people. He follows instructions well, generally respects authority and interacts well with adults and children of all ages. He told Holt staff he wants to be adopted by a mom and dad one day!

Spencer’s caregivers describe him as happy, curious, and active. Spencer loves his art class and particularly enjoys coloring. He enjoys playing with other children of all ages. According to his caregivers, Spencer shares well with other kids. With his friends, he enjoys playing with car toys and Ultraman toys. Spencer also loves animals!

Spencer likes to receive affection from familiar people. When he is upset, he particularly appreciates a head rub. Quality time with a caregiver also helps him to feel better! He follows directions well but at times can have difficulty paying attention. He gets extra help at his orphanage to help him with his academics.

The ideal adoptive family for Spencer should understand attention disorders and have access to related support to help him manage. Spencer needs a family who also understands institutionalization and its effects on a child’s development. They should have access to educational support and be open to unknowns in his development. Spencer’s adoptive family should utilize TBRI® techniques to help connect with him. If you are interested in learning more about Spencer, please email us at [email protected]!

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