Children dancing in Santa hats

So Much Joy

Despite the difficulties of 2020, Holt sponsors threw such great Christmas parties for children around the world last year! Here are some of the highlights.


boy holding Christmas card

“In Nanchang, China, 142 children from the Holt family strengthening program received greeting cards from sponsors. We gave the cards to the children and showed them how to take photos of their card. Some of them hung up the cards as decorations in their homes. The children thanked their sponsors for their wishes and encouragement. They also wished their sponsors a happy holiday season.”

— Amy Yi, Holt China
boy smiling with Christmas card


Children wearing Santa hats in India

Red and green balloons, sparkly garlands and Christmas ornaments decorated the halls of one care center in India. The children dressed up in their most festive clothes for the party, which began with everyone singing carols. They all clapped and sang along together, and then some of the children performed a special Christmas dance Children were overjoyed to receive a round of applause from their audience of caregivers and orphanage staff. Then, Santa Claus arrived and gave the children candies, chocolate and gifts — this was such a highlight for the children!

 At a second care center in India, sponsored children had a similar Christmas celebration! They performed holiday dances, ate Christmas cake, wore Santa hats and were so happy to receive gifts and chocolates

School celebrating Christmas in India

“The entire program brought enthusiasm in the atmosphere and happiness and excitement. Everybody enjoyed this wonderful evening, and we are thankful to the sponsors who contributed for this event and brought so much joy.”

Care Center Staff

The Philippines

Boy play with toy plane in India

“During this special holiday event, the 10 children of [our care home] were very happy and excited about the simple celebration. The caregivers prepared small activities, starting with a simple prayer led by Kevin, one of the toddlers in the center. After the prayer, the caregivers conducted games for the toddlers.

“Despite the pandemic it is good to know that our brothers and sisters from Holt International through their sponsorship program still care and send their support for children in need. This is a proof of God’s divine providence because He did not abandon us, especially now with the COVID-19 crisis.”

“We are very grateful for the special holiday gifts from the Holt sponsors, which gave the children an opportunity to feel loved and special to ‘someone out there!’ The ten children were beside themselves, surprised and very happy to receive gifts from their sponsors. Each child’s gift was handpicked based on what they wanted. The gifts include: a wristwatch with alarm, remote car, basketball shoes, special slippers, remote helicopter, soccer ball, remote monster car, talking toy, dollhouse and education toy with sounds.”

Care Center Staff


While children couldn’t gather for a big celebration in Uganda last year due to COVID restrictions, each child received a Christmas gift and card from their sponsor!

Girl holding Christmas card in Uganda
Boy smiling with Christmas card in Uganda


boy decoration cookie in Vietnam

At a school for children with special needs in Vietnam, the children had a wonderful Christmas celebration thanks to Holt sponsors. There was a visit from Santa Claus, dance performances, cake, singing carols, special gifts and more!

“We sincerely thank Holt sponsors who have closely partnered with us to support these children with special needs to have a more full childhood with lots of love, joy, friendship and fun.”

Care Center Staff

For just $25, you can give a child in an orphanage or living in poverty a Christmas celebration filled with a festive party, special meal, treats, games and even a present, handpicked just for them!

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