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Saved from Dropping Out of School

Just in time, Taci received a gift that allowed her to continue her education.

Taci in the classroom

Taci was about to drop out of school.

At 14 years old, Taci was grateful for the education she had had so far. Because her family sacrificed a lot for it.

After her father died several years ago, Taci’s older brother and mother stepped up to make money for their family. They were doing well. They ate nutritious meals every day, and Taci and her two sisters got to go to school. But then her brother got sick.

He was so sick that he couldn’t work anymore. This left their mother as the sole earner for their family. She worked hard selling vegetables, but didn’t make enough. They began cutting back on how much food they ate, trying desperately to save money. But before long, they were going hungry.

Taci with her mother
Taci (left) with her mother.

They knew what decision they had to make next: Taci and her sisters would have to drop out of school. The money saved from school expenses would help pay for food.

So many families living in poverty are forced to come to the same heartbreaking decision point. But when staying in school means going hungry — when it’s a question of survival — it’s hardly a decision.

Then something amazing happened. Right in time, Taci and her family connected with Holt’s partner organization in Ethiopia. With the support of Holt donors, Taci and her sisters wouldn’t have to drop out!

In Ethiopia, Holt donors help 1,031 girls like Taci go to school. Through educational scholarships, providing school uniforms and supplies, and holistic educational support, so many girls are getting an opportunity they never would have had otherwise.

Taci smiling outside at her school

“We believe girls deserve a better future. And education is one of the best tools for achieving this.”

Holt Ethiopia

Taci and her sisters received everything they needed to keep going to school: school uniforms, workbooks, textbooks, and had all other school fees covered. They even received basic computer skills training and enrolled in a life skills training that focuses especially on girls’ empowerment.

Today, three years later, Taci is 17 years old. She’s still going to school, and she’s excelling. Her younger sister is just a grade behind her, and her older sister completed grade 12 and now attends the university. The future is bright for Taci and both of her sisters.

Taci using the computer

“I don’t have to worry about my school materials and my uniform. I am able to focus on my education and able to study hard for the coming national examination to join the university. Thanks to my supporters, I am able to work hard on my education to reach for my dream.”

Taci studying at home

Taci dreams of joining her sister at the university, of getting a good job someday, of being able to support her mother and her family. She dreams of someday overcoming poverty. And because of the help she’s received to continue her education, these dreams can become a reality.

Going to school isn’t a “given” for children living in poverty, especially for girls. So many girls like Taci drop out of school and instead begin working to earn an income for their family, or even get married as teenagers — continuing the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

But when a girl gets the chance to go to school and complete her education, her whole life changes. She can have hope for the future.

Taci in her classroom

You can give an education Gift of Hope to support a girl with her education.  

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