Savanna Needs an Adoptive Family!

Savanna is an outgoing and friendly 13-year-old who needs an adoptive family!

Savanna loves going to school and enjoys spending time with her friends, most of whom she has known for years. Her favorite subjects are science and art. She enjoys computer science and is interested in pursuing a career in information technology.

Outside of school, Savanna likes to draw, read graphic novels, listen to music and practice her English. She also loves beauty and enjoys experimenting with new hairstyles and nail polish! Like many preteens, Savanna loves YouTube. Some of her favorite videos are vlogs of people traveling the world.

Savanna is very close with her caregivers and is said to adjust well. Her caregivers say she is responsible. Savanna helps around the house and does her homework without being reminded. Both her teachers and caregivers say she is well-behaved and independent.

Savanna, working on some of her schoolwork!

When Savanna came into care, she was considered developmentally delayed and had some stiffness in her legs. Today, Savanna is reportedly in good health and has good motor skills. She loves sports, especially playing volleyball and going swimming! She has been taking swimming lessons for the past three years.

Savanna understands the idea of adoption and says she would like to have a loving adoptive family. Savanna needs an adoptive family who is knowledgeable (or willing to learn) about older child adoption. Her adoptive family should also have access to excellent educational resources to help her reach her fullest potential!

Savanna’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see more photos of Savanna or to request information about her adoption, contact our adoption team at [email protected].

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