Rescued From Domestic Violence

Gerel and Erhi when Holt first learned of their situation.

You gave this family warmth!

Because of you, Gerel and her daughters have a safe home, and hope for the future. But when we first met them nine months ago, Gerel was six months pregnant, and bone thin. She ate only flour so that her 3-year-old daughter, Erhi, would have enough to eat. Both Gerel and her daughter suffered from malnutrition.

Like so many women and children living in poverty in Mongolia, Gerel and Erhi stayed in an abusive situation because they had nowhere else to go.

Gerel and Erhi at a Christmas party Holt donors threw in Mongolia. Erhi holds a card from her sponsor.

In a Mongolian winter, temperatures can drop to 40 degrees below zero. Gerel knew the violence she faced at home was less dangerous than the risk of freezing on the streets.

But because of you — because of your heroic heart — Gerel and her daughter now have a new, safe home, far from their abuser. After seeing their circumstances, our staff brought Gerel and Erhi to a medical care center where they received treatment for malnutrition. And now, through your generous giving, Gerel and Erhi have a bright, clean and newly furnished home of their own.

Erhi recently celebrated her 4th birthday, with a cake, new winter clothes and special gifts. Miraculously, Gerel also gave birth to a healthy girl!

Gerel knows this change in her life is because of you. “Your support is greatly contributing to my family,” Gerel recently wrote in a letter. “May God bless you.”

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Gerel, Erhi and Gerel’s new baby and social worker in the new home provided by generous donors.

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