raina needs an adoptive family

Thirteen-year-old Raina needs an adoptive family! Could that family be you or someone you know?

raina making peace sign

Raina is an outgoing and friendly girl who enjoys being a leader. She is the leader of her dance group and plays on a basketball team. She is social and loves spending time with her friends. Her caregivers describe her as “very grounded.”

When asked what her skills are, Raina would say that she is good at dancing, chores and cooking because she likes to help out. She is proud of her dancing and her caregivers say that is what brings her the most joy. At school, her favorite subject is art.

Raina is diagnosed with Thalassemia major, an inherited blood disorder. In the United States, as long as patients have regular access to a hospital and a doctor with knowledge about thalassemia, it’s a relatively simple condition to control with regular blood transfusions and iron-controlling medications. She is very responsible when it comes to her treatment and takes her medication daily.

Raina has expressed excitement about the possibility of being adopted. Her caregivers believe that she would do best in a home where she is the youngest sibling by several years. Raina needs an adoptive family with access to excellent medical and educational resources. Her family should also have an understanding of, or be willing to learn about, older child adoption.

Raina’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Raina and to learn more about her, please email us at [email protected]! Holt staff have met Raina and are available to share their impressions.

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