Phillip Needs an Adoptive Family!

Phillip celebrated his fourth birthday in May 2022! Described as a cheerful and friendly boy, he is waiting for a permanent, loving family.

Phillip needs an adoptive family

Phillip is very social and loves to play with the other children in his care center. He enjoys being held and he loves peek-a-boo. When he sees one of his favorite caregivers or friends, he greets them with a cheerful smile! He is expressive, attentive and affectionate with people he knows well. Some of Phillip’s favorite activities include watching children’s shows and music on the television, eating and playing (especially with stuffed animals and other toys that make sounds or music!).

Phillip has some involved special medical needs, including cerebral palsy. He attends physical therapy twice a day. His motor skills are delayed and he does not communicate verbally, but uses sounds and gestures to express his feelings and follows simple directions well.

The best family for Phillip is a loving, permanent family who can provide access to comprehensive medical care and therapeutic resources. Phillip’s family should be committed to providing individualized attention and creating a safe and structured home environment to help Phillip reach his full potential!

To see more photos and videos of Phillip, please email us at [email protected].

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