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Party Planning for International Day of the Child!

Every year on June 1, International Day of the Child, Holt sponsors and donors help to throw the biggest birthday bash of the year!

For children living in an orphanage or in poverty, it’s likely that their actual birthdays came and went without a celebration this year…. When resources are limited, families and orphanages just can’t afford it.

That’s why International Day of the Child is so important! Because every child deserves to feel celebrated!

On June 1, children around the world get to celebrate with a birthday party, games, special outings, a fun meal and a handpicked gift just for them. And it’s all made possible by the generous gift of $25 that you give to your sponsored child or another child in Holt’s programs! (You don’t have to be a child sponsor to help!)

As our in-country staff and partner organizations anticipate what local COVID-19 safety measures will look like at the beginning of June, most of them are confident that the celebrations can occur as normal  — or as close to normal as possible!

So… commence the party planning!

Here’s what our staff and partners around the world are saying about plans for this year’s International Day of the Child birthday celebrations:


We expect that we can still have International Day of the Child activities by June. While the orphanages remain closed to visitors at this time, we do hope to see these restrictions relax as more people get vaccinated. If restrictions increase between now and then, we will at least deliver the gifts for the children within the orphanages. We will also aim for sending follow up photos and a report from the gatherings to share with sponsors!

Last year, sponsored children in China received books as a special gift!


The situation with COVID-19 is getting bad in the country and there is growing concern about the spread. Schools are closed and most people are working remotely. For this reason, we don’t anticipate gathering children together for a celebrations. However, we will do a postponed celebration when we are able, and will still ensure that children receive a special gift!


Community gatherings are not being held, but celebrations within the care centers will likely occur as normal!

In Colombia in 2019, children got a special visit from a superhero!


Yes, we can carefully celebrate. Children will read stories and poems for gatherings, we’ll provide special meals for participants and present memorable gifts.


We are planning to celebrate at orphanages, but school and community gatherings are not happening due to COVID concerns and other safety risks. We plan to purchase toys, pools and books to provide a wonderful celebration for the children in orphanage care!


Pune: Due to strict laws related to gatherings of any kind, a large gathering for a party on or around June 1 will not be possible until all the population gets vaccinated. However, International Day of the Child gatherings of small groups (up to 20 children) will be allowed with social distancing and wearing of masks with prior permission.

Delhi: The situation with COVID-19 seems to be on the decline, however, precautionary measures must continue to be taken. For now, things seem to be moving back to normal. We anticipate that we’ll be able to have our International Day of the Child celebration as normal!

Bengaluru: We plan to organize small birthday parties at our community center and in partner schools on or around June 1.


Current government mandates restrict large gatherings of children, but we will make the final determination about the June 1 celebrations closer to the actual date. If an in-person celebration is not possible, we will adapt to celebrate and distribute gifts in a different way!

The Philippines

The International Day of the Child celebrations should occur as normal! We will begin the planning in May.

Children around the world, like Nan in Thailand, love receiving a special birthday card from their sponsors!


The International Day of the Child celebrations should occur as normal! We will begin the planning in May.


As children are not currently going to school, it is unlikely gatherings will be possible. But we will celebrate at a later date, and ensure that children still receive their special gifts!


The International Day of the Child celebrations should occur as normal! We will begin the planning in May.

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