“What I remember most about her,” Pam says about this mother in Quezon City, “was the weariness of poverty and the joy of hope emanating simultaneously on her face.”

For Frank and Pam Grubbs, advocating for children through sponsorship is inspired by their Christian faith, the intense needs of children around the world, and the incredible joy that comes from giving.

Even two years later, when Frank Grubbs shares about a moment from a trip to see Holt programs in the Philippines, the emotion is evident in his voice…

“We met Rosalie in one of the villages,” says Frank. “I asked her, ‘If your daughter wasn’t sponsored, what would your life look like?’ She started crying.”

For the Grubbs, this moment confirmed everything they believed about Holt child sponsorship: one sponsor, changing the world one child and family at a time.

For the past five years, Frank and Pam Grubbs have worked alongside Holt — advocating for children who need sponsors as part of Holt’s Christian artist program. Frank is a singer-songwriter who performs in churches across the U.S., sharing a message about serving God and caring for the vulnerable all across the world. Pam follows his performance with a compelling message about Holt sponsorship — how Holt sponsors have the opportunity to keep children with their families and care for those who are waiting to join a permanent, loving family through adoption.

Frank plays with children at the White Cross Children’s Home in Manila.

“What really drew us to Holt is that they’re trying to keep children in families,” Pam says. “To be a child in poverty and not have a family to be there to support you emotionally or care for you? Wow. I can’t think of anybody in greater need. We like that Holt cares for the poorest of the poor and those who Jesus has a heart for.”

Before Frank and Pam joined Holt’s Christian artist program, they were Holt sponsors themselves — an experience that showed them how one individual can make all the difference for one child and family.

“I think it’s great that people can reach out one by one to make a difference,” Frank says. In fact, “One by One” is the title of one of Frank’s most popular songs, and its lyrics tell about one of the first children they ever sponsored.

“We have a picture on our wall of a little girl who lives in a war-torn town in another part of the world. But she’s a part of our family, though she’s 2,000 miles away. God, please watch over her. Protect her now, we pray.”

Pam plays with children at the White Cross Children’s Home in Manila.

Frank and Pam’s tremendous compassion for children drives them to travel around the country advocating for orphaned and vulnerable children. But as devout Christians, they share an even greater motivation — their deep and abiding faith in Christ, and their belief in His love and care for all people.

“[God] wants you to reach the world,” Pam says. And while sponsorship certainly isn’t the only way to reach those in need, the Grubbs see it is a simple, efficient and dynamic way to take action. “That,” Pam says, “is why we’re so excited about it.”

In aligning themselves with God’s heart in caring for the vulnerable, they’ve also experienced amazing passion and joy.

“One of the things that motivates me is that I want others to experience the joy of obeying the Lord like that, and the joy from seeing the difference they can make in the life of a child,” Pam says. “I really feel like I am giving someone the opportunity not only to bless and help a child, but to bless and help themselves.”

Megan Herriott | Staff Writer

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