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Today, because of Holt donors, Anjum is going to school!

When we first met Anjum, going to school didn’t seem likely. 

Her father had just died. Her mother was suddenly raising five children on her own — she had no job, and couldn’t even read. They lived in devastating poverty. Their living conditions were so dirty that Anjum and all her siblings had typhoid. Buying school supplies was out of the question… 

They needed lots of help. And Holt donors helped meet all their most basic needs — giving them emergency food, medical care, a safe place to live and other support — including helping Anjum and all of her siblings to start going to school! 

Before, Anjum feared never getting an education. She saw how difficult being illiterate and uneducated was for her mom. She dreamed of being a teacher someday — of being able to support herself and leaving a life of poverty. 

And today, she’s on track for these dreams to become a reality. Anjum is 16 years old, working towards graduation and preparing to go to university. 

“Anjum’s fear [of being uneducated] almost become a reality,” says her social worker in India. “But now she is super happy and excited for school life!”

Thank you for giving Anjum the chance to go to school, and create a better life for herself!

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Send A Girl To School, Keep Her Safe

When you send a girl to school, you keep her safe from child trafficking, domestic violence and child marriage. Just $30 provides all the school supplies she needs to succeed.

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