Group of children and caregivers in India gather for a picture

Recent program updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world!


As the Lunar New Year approaches, all of our programs China are preparing for the selection, purchase and distribution of children’s gifts for the Chinese New Year!  The Lunar New Year will be celebrated from February 10 — 24, in China. 


Children at our local partner FANA’s nursery school returned from Christmas break and started the new school year. All children living at FANA and who attend the daytime nursery school participated in fun field trips, including a theater performance and going to the circus!

preschool children in Colombia waiting on a bench
Children in nursery school at FANA.


Holt Ethiopia participated in a nationwide forum of nonprofits organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ethiopian government. They had the opportunity to share Holt’s Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) model and its best practices. These include strategies for scaling up, collaboration and sustainability.


All of our local partners in India celebrated Republic Day, a national holiday commemorating India’s transition to a republic. Children got to join in the festivities, which fostered a sense of pride in their nation. Students in the basic education program made Indian flags, and they were hoisted across all centers to help instill a sense of patriotism. 

Group of school children seated outside
A group of children gathered outside at one of our local partners in India.


Our local partners in Thailand organized a five day Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) training for all social workers. The goal was to increase their awareness and understanding of proven methods to work with children who are healing from trauma they experienced early in their life. These methods create a greater sense of their safety and support for these children. All the participants found the content extremely helpful and valuable!


Holt Uganda conducted support visits to all eight ECCD centers, in preparation for the new academic year. They provided teachers a refresher training on the ECCD learning framework and lesson planning, and they also held caregiver meetings to reinforce school attendance and academic supports at home. 

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