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Kids in Ethiopia standing under trees hold up sign about international literacy day

Recent program updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world!


This month, Holt China staff gathered in Tianjin for their annual meeting. Jian Chen, Holt’s vice president of international programs in China introduced Holt’s international and adoption work. Each staff member reported on their program’s progress over the past three years. In addition, all staff received training on non-profit management.

Group of Holt staff in China gather for a photo
The Holt China team.
Group of kids in daycare play on colored mats
Children in daycare at Bambi.


Children attending our local partner Bambi’s daycare program participated in activities to promote cognitive development, communication and motor skills. Parents and caregivers also received two parenting workshops focused on developing safe and effective support networks, and they continued to receive vocational training. 


Holt Ethiopia and some of our local partners organized community events for Global Literacy Day and Global Handwashing Day. The celebrations brought together children, parents, community members, educators, health workers and key government representatives. The Global Literacy Day event promoted literacy and math for success in life, and included poetry readings by children! 

Child stoops to wash hands outside
Girl in green shirt smiles with her face covered in water


Education activities resumed one month ago in several of our partner schools, which had been suspended due to the political instability in Haiti. The total number of children attending these schools increased by 164 students, from 889 at the end of last year to 1053 this year!


Children at one of our local partners observed various celebratory customs for the festival of Navratri. Traditions include donning new attire, participating in cultural events and gathering to venerate the divine feminine. This festival is characterized by a sense of jubilation, devotion, and collective celebration that resonates throughout India.


A student in our local partner Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF), Cammy Akilah Garcia, had the honor of being a panelist at an event hosted by the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC). The event was titled: “Talakayang Makabata, the 31st National Children’s Month (NCM) Press Conference.” This event was intended to raise awareness and promote collaboration between the government, private sector, and community in protecting children, particularly in regard to nutrition, mental health and the protection of children’s rights and welfare. 


The Health and Nutrition team held a workshop with the Village Health Teams (VHTs) and government health officers to review the child nutrition program’s nutrition flipbook. This also presented an opportunity for stakeholders in the program to gather and discuss how it is going!

Sponsored twins hugging in school uniforms in Thailand

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