A little girl holds up a peace sign with legos in front of her

Recent program updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world!


Holt staff in the city of Meihekou celebrated China’s Lantern Festival with the children in their care. Festivities included traditional food, games and the creation of colorful red lanterns to bring good fortune.

A young woman holds a little girl who is making a red lantern


Beauty and tailoring classes for parents at our local partner in Bogotá began this month. These courses include training about business and safety, like handling sewing machines. Each participant is motivated and engaged, eager to begin generating income for their family!

A young woman sits and works at a sewing machine
A group of moms gather for beauty and tailoring training


Holt Ethiopia conducted a comprehensive training for teachers about teaching methods for basic literacy and math. This had a huge impact on the participants as well as the entire education system! The training also covered inclusivity and special needs education. Over 150 math, language and special needs teachers from Holt-supported schools benefitted from this training. 


Celebrating the joy of physical activity, one of our local partners in India held a “sports day” for all the children in their care centers. The young participants showcased their budding athletic talents, fostering a spirit of healthy competition in a fun and supportive environment. 

A group of little girls and boys play games outside
A group of little kids gather to play games outside with their mothers watching


With the support of Holt donors, 200 boxes of educational toys like LEGOs were distributed to children in the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) and foster care programs in the Philippines.


This month, one of our local partners in Thailand held a three-day art therapy training.

A young woman holds up a painting in front of a class
A group of people gathers in a room to look at arts and crafts
A little boy and a little girl hold up decorated water bottles

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