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Meet Nadia! Holt staff have met Nadia in person, and when they did she was lively and friendly. Nadia needs a family who is interactive, patient and loving! Could you or someone you know be the right family for Nadia?

When Holt staff met Nadia, she sat patiently and colored with crayons while they talked to her. Nadia was also happy to sing some songs and play!

Nadia’s caregivers describe her as friendly, outgoing and happy. She loves participating in various activities at her care center. She particularly loves playing with toys and other children. Nadia shows affection to others. When she is upset or sad, she allows her caregivers to comfort her. They say that she is very talkative and responsive when spoken to.

Nadia moved to her current care center in 2021, and her caregivers report that she is continuing to grow and develop with the attention she is receiving. Nadia is a part of a small group that focuses on development and group activities. In her group, she participates in things like singing and practicing the her alphabet.

Nadia needs a family who is ready to give her lots of love and attention! The ideal adoptive family for Nadia will also have good access to resources like educational support. If you are interested in learning more about Nadia, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]! They have met Nadia in person and they would love to share photos, videos and impressions of her.

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