Magnus who needs an adoptive family with heart graphic covering face

Urgent: Magnus Still Needs an Adoptive Family!

Eight-year-old Magnus needs an adoptive family! This sweet boy is outgoing and loving.

Magnus who needs an adoptive family with heart graphic covering face jumping on trampoline
Magnus jumping on the trampoline!

Magnus’s caregivers say he is an active child who loves to run and play with other children, especially outside, where he enjoys soccer, catch and tag. He also likes playing on the playground, slide and trampoline. Once a week, he goes to a class where he learns basic gymnastics tricks like flips and dance moves. During his quiet time, Magnus likes to create art, build with Legos and do puzzles.

He is very social and loves connecting with others. Magnus loves to make new friends, make up new games, joke around and make others laugh. His caregivers say he is also encouraging of others and often congratulates his friends with a “good job!”

Magnus has made a lot of progress in his language skills and understands English and his native language well. He is more fluent in English, and he communicates confidently in it with strangers. He is in good overall health. He hasn’t been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but does have trouble staying focused on activities and will need an adoptive family who can help with attention issues. An adoptive family familiar with or willing to learn about ADHD would be the best fit for Magnus.

Magnus and one of his caregivers, taken during our most recent visit!

Magnus needs an adoptive family who is loving, patient and encouraging! They should also have access to excellent educational resources. Could that family be you or someone you know?

Magnus’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. Holt staff recently visited Magnus in his home country for an assessment visit, and they are eager to share their impressions of him with prospective families!

To see recent photos and videos of Magnus and learn more about his adoption, email us at [email protected] today!

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