Little girl in purple sweater makes a funny face

This is Maddy! Maddy needs a family who can provide her with a stable environment, able to nurture her and provide her with the safety, love and care that she needs. 

Maddy loves music and dancing! Her caregivers describe her as bubbly, sweet and affectionate. Maddy needs a family to return her affection! She does well in an environment with good structure, with one-on-one guidance through an activity. She imitates facial expressions, actions and some sounds or single words.

Maddy has Down syndrome as well as some developmental delays, communicating with words, gestures and basic signs. Maddy is usually very friendly, and she is not shy with strangers. She loves to play and dance with someone when she hears music! She also loves to cuddle and give hugs. She currently attends a play school in the mornings during the week and enjoys all the activities with the other children.

Maddy has a healthy appetite and particularly enjoys biscuits and chocolate. She has started to try and feed herself. Maddy loves to unpack bags and cupboards and is able to play fantasy games such as feeding a doll. She has formed a close bond with her caregivers and enjoys walking around her home. She is well-liked by all who interact with her and is described as bubbly. Maddy is a sweet-tempered child who responds well to attention and can communicate her likes and dislikes.

Maddy needs a family who has access to excellent pediatric medical resources. She needs specialized educational supports along with occupational and speech therapy. The ideal family for Maddy will understand the lifelong impact of Down syndrome!

Maddy’s face is covered here due to country restrictions on privacy, but our social workers have more photos and reports to share with prospective families. To learn more about Maddy, please email us at [email protected]!

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