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Kimberly Needs An Adoptive Family!

Kimberly needs a family! Could you or someone you know be the right fit for this happy eight-year-old?

Kimberly’s caregivers describe her as a gentle and agreeable girl. She is happy and joyful, and she gets along well with her foster family. She has a particularly close and trusting relationship with her foster mother. In her foster family, she has a younger brother that she enjoys helping to care for and play with. This past month, she has enjoyed pretending to be dinosaurs on the hunt with him!

Kimberly also has an older foster sister that she learns from and enjoys spending time with. Some of her favorite activities include pretending to cook and completing her language learning sheet.

Kimberly has perfect attendance in school, and her favorite subject is math. Her foster family says she proactively helps with the chores around the house. Kimberly likes positive attention and praise from adults. She enjoys playing with other children. She also takes the initiative to start talking or playing with others. According to Kimberly’s foster mother, she has a great appetite!

Kimberly learns some tasks quickly, and needs reminders to stay on task with others. Kimberly is willing and motivated to learn! Since coming into care, Kimberly’s verbal expression and academic performance has improved. Kimberly goes to occupational therapy once a week. Her caregivers say she is catching up in her development!

Kimberly needs a family with a lot of patience and love to give! If you think you or someone you know could be the right fit for sweet Kimberly, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]!

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