Brother and sister in denim with covered faces smile at camera

Katie and Yara are a tightly bonded sister-brother duo who want to be adopted together! Katie and Yara need a family with patience and love to help them thrive!

Thirteen-year-old Katie has had significant improvement since coming into the stability of care. She respects authority, follow instructions and is independent in most of her daily activities. Katie has also established and maintained positive relationships with her peers and adults. She also has a healthy and stable attachment to her foster family and can express her emotions and needs. Katie’s motor, language, and social development are also all on-track developmentally. Katie enjoys drawing, dancing and playing soccer.

Yara, who is twelve years old, is empathetic and affectionate. He interacts positively with peers and adults and is able to control his impulses, recognize limits and respect authority. Yara enjoys painting, drawing, reading and writing. Katie and Yara need a family who is willing to adopt them together. An ideal adoptive family for these siblings will have time to dedicate to the children, and give them space to process and express their emotions. They need clearly established rules and boundaries and parenting techniques based on affection. Prospective adoptive families should have access to medical/therapeutic supports and be familiar with TBRI® techniques.

Could you be the right family for this pair? If you think you might be and you would like to learn more about them, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]! They are available to answer your questions, and they also have more photos and information about Katie and Yara.

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