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Jean and Krista Need an Adoptive Family

Meet Jean and Krista! Thirteen-year-old Jean and her 11-year-old sister, Krista, need an adoptive family.

Jean is an extroverted girl who loves to learn about history, human rights and geography. In her free time, Jean likes to skate, play and read history or geography books. She would describe herself in three words as easygoing, intelligent and loving. She says her favorite activities are learning new things and studying.

Krista is an affectionate and social girl who loves school. Her favorite subject is math! She enjoys reading, dancing, movies and playing outdoors with her sister and her friends. Krista loves animals and would like to have a cat someday. She would describe herself in three worlds as loving, organized and responsible.

Jean and Krista understand adoption and dream of joining a family together. The two sisters have some developmental needs and need an adoptive family with a strong understanding of, or willingness to learn about, older child adoption and Trust-Based Relational Parenting (TBRI) methods.

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