James, Maddy, Emmy and Jace Need an Adoptive Family!

James, Maddy, Emmy and Jace Need an Adoptive Family!

Siblings James, Maddy, Emmy and Jace need an adoptive family. They have a strong bond and dream of being adopted together, by a loving and secure family. A $4,000 Special Blessings grant is available to help with their adoption!

James is the eldest! He is 13 years old. His caregivers say that he is respectful and charming. He is a great leader around his peers. James enjoys being creative and active. Some of his favorite activities are dancing, singing, songwriting and playing soccer.

Maddy is 11 years old. She is very affectionate and creative. Maddy loves to draw, paint, dance and pick out new outfits to express herself! She also enjoys skating and riding her bike.

Emmy is nine years old. Her caregivers say that she is a polite and caring girl who is the happiest when she is active. She loves to play at the park, ride her bike, skateboard or roller skate and practice taekwondo! When Emmy is not playing outside, she also enjoys playing with dolls, dancing and making art.

Jace is the youngest at seven years old. He is known for his affectionate nature and he loves to give hugs! His caregivers describe him as quiet, tender and sweet. They say his greatest strength is his empathetic personality.

James, Maddy, Emmy and Jace need an adoptive family that is caring, patient, and willing to support and advocate for their language, educational and therapeutic needs to help them thrive! These siblings would do best in a family where they are the only children in the home. The ideal adoptive family will have to be willing to learn basic Spanish and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) parenting methods.

The faces of these siblings are hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos of James, Maddy, Emmy and Jace and learn more about them, please email us at [email protected].

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