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Meet Jackson, he needs an adoptive family! Could you or someone you know be the right fit for this outgoing eight year old?

Members of our team recently met Jackson, and they report that he is outgoing, fun, and actively engaged in the activities they introduced. They loved watching Jackson be silly with his friends!

Jackson’s caregivers describe him as extroverted, cheerful, playful, and independent. He is never without a smile! He focuses on his work, respects authority and expresses his thoughts and feelings well. Caregivers say he has good relationships with children of all ages at his care center, with two friends his age that he is especially close to. When our staff visited they loved watching these three goof off together!

Jackson enjoys completing puzzles and playing with Legos. He typically likes to do these activities by himself. His favorite foods include noodle soup, green vegetables, and mangoes. He has a best friend at school who he likes to play Legos or do arts and crafts with. His favorite memory was visiting the zoo where he had the opportunity to feed lots of different animals.

Jackson washes dishes independently and is always offering to help someone else wash the dishes too! He is attentive to friends who are sick and makes sure their caregivers are aware if anyone needs their help.

Jackson wants to be adopted by a family with siblings for him!

An ideal adoptive family for Jackson has access to strong educational support, understands the impact of prenatal exposure, institutionalization, and be open to unknowns in his development. Caregivers believe he would do well with older siblings. An adoptive family needs to be open to life-long support in some capacity. To learn more about this sweet boy, please email us at [email protected] or visit our photolisting!

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