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Group of little boys gathers eating tempura vegetables

Thanks to Holt sponsors and donors, kids in Thailand are healthier!

Many children in southern Thailand eat mostly salty packaged noodles and other processed food, and they don’t eat vegetables. As a result, many of them are surprisingly malnourished — they’re often sick and don’t have the nutrients they need to develop and grow. 

That’s why a huge way to help children there is by giving them healthy foods! 

Recently, 196 preschoolers went to a special learning garden supported by Holt in their community. It’s lush and beautiful and full of fruits and vegetables! After learning about cucumbers, rambutans, mangos, cashews, mangosteen and lots of other tropical fruits and vegetables, these children got to eat some! 

They gathered around with the vegetables they harvested, made a simple batter and cooked vegetable tempura with help from their teachers. 

“These veggies tempura are the yummiest in the world!” said a 4-year-old boy as he ate the meal with his friends. 

The best part is that each child then went home, excited to tell their parents about these new foods. 

Another way Holt sponsors and donors help children and families in southern Thailand is by giving them the garden seeds, tools and training they need to have their own gardens at home! So not only do these kids want to eat vegetables now, but vegetables are accessible in their own homes. 

Already, their preschool teachers say that children have made this same vegetable tempura at home with their families, and they’re eating a wider variety of vegetables in general. This provides such a critical boost to their health and nutrition! 

With the support of Holt sponsors and donors, these children are growing healthy and strong and overcoming malnutrition. 

a young girl sits on a bench and looks at the camera

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