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Holt-Sponsored Children Return to School!

Children around the world are starting back at school thanks to Holt sponsors and donors. Whether in a big bustling city, or rural one-room classroom, children are so thankful for the chance to learn! 


Dara’s parents sell ice cream for a living, and are dedicated to helping their daughter attend and excel in school! They recently received training to be a Holt foster family, supporting vulnerable children in their community.

“I want to go to school because I know that we need to have knowledge to live well, be smart, and do things rightfully. In the future, I want to be a teacher for young children. I strongly believe that education will help me have a better life!”

Dara, Holt-supported student in Cambodia


School support is one of the very biggest ways Holt sponsors and donors support children in China. Some children attend school in very rural areas, while others attend large multi-story schools in more urban settings.


In Uganda, children were all smiles for their first day of school! With backpacks, school supplies and uniforms from their Holt sponsors, they’re ready for a fun year of learning!


Many Holt-sponsored and supported students in India are girls, as girls face a strong stigma and more roadblocks than boys in pursuit of an education.


Children in Holt’s programs near Bangkok and in southern Thailand were excited to start school! Some even got to go on special field trips with their classmates to begin the new year.

These siblings pose together before their first day of school!


These girls are so happy to be back together again at school!

Kids with backpacks in Cambodia

Help a child in need get ready for back-to-school!

Your back-to-school gift of $33 gives a child the school uniform, notepad, textbooks and more that they need for a successful school year!

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