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Holt Launches New TBRI Parenting Podcast

Holt clinical social worker Marissa Robello introduces Holt’s new TBRI® podcast series!

Listen to Holt’s new TBRI podcast!

If you’re connected with adoption in any way, you’ve likely heard about Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). If you aren’t familiar with TBRI, it’s a caregiving/parenting approach centered on understanding how our early life experiences and relationships impact who we become and how we interact with others — along with a holistic set of tools that help us understand and address tough behaviors in children from a place of empowerment and connection.

We’ve been educating adoptive parents, foster parents and caregivers on TBRI for over a decade and have seen amazing transformations. 

The key is learning how to create felt safety in the relationship, whether that’s between a parent and child, husband and wife, employee and supervisor, etc. In order to get there, we have to turn the focus inward and think about how our histories and experiences have shaped who we are— how we communicate, what bothers us, what excites us.

We’ve been educating adoptive parents, foster parents and caregivers on TBRI for over a decade and have seen amazing transformations. 

TBRI professionals will be the first to tell you just how much growth and healing we’ve personally experienced simply by shifting the way we see and navigate relationships in all areas of our lives — at work, with romantic partners, friends, children.

The TBRI approach develops personal insight while requiring that we think about how others experience us. With that knowledge, we can recognize our strengths and also build capacities where we need them. We begin to strengthen our important relationships from the inside out and model this for others. The result is a ripple effect of insight, empathy and connected relationships.

As an organization committed to fostering healthy children and families worldwide, our team of Holt TBRI practitioners came up with a creative way to spread the TBRI love. We developed a brief podcast series aimed at introducing Holt staff to the ways in which TBRI practices can help anyone become their best self.  

Fair warning, nobody in this series is a professional podcaster. So, we have been especially thrilled by the positive feedback we’ve received from our colleagues. We’d like to share the series with anyone who may be interested in learning about how TBRI has touched our lives — both personally and professionally — and, in turn, how TBRI can help strengthen your most significant relationships, especially between you and you children. We hope it inspires curiosity and personal growth during a time in our world where it seems most needed.

Listen to the first two episodes of The Trust-Based Lunch Break podcast now!

Marissa Robello, LMSW, CSWA | Director of Adoption, Colombia

Want to give us some feedback or propose an idea for a podcast episode? Email Marissa at [email protected].

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