a smiling Nancy Kim holding bouquets of flowers

Holt Honors Nancy Kim With Harry Holt Award

On Friday, April 1, Holt International Children’s Services’ board of directors presented the Harry Holt Award to Nancy Kim, long-serving Holt ambassador, for her generosity and dedication to the Holt mission. The Harry Holt Award honors those who have contributed in a significant way toward fulfilling the dream of Harry Holt, that “every child deserves a home of his own.” This award was granted in 2020 and was officially presented to Nancy Kim on April 1 at a private reception held at Holt International’s headquarters in Eugene, Ore.

holt ceo phil littleton with arm around nancy kim recipient of harry holt award
Holt President and CEO Phil Littleton with Nancy Kim at the award reception.
holt board member Margaret Fitch-Hauser and Nancy Kim holding harry holt award
Nancy Kim and Holt board member Margaret Fitch-Hauser hold the Harry Holt award.
smiling Nancy Kim holding Harry Holt award
Nancy smiles for a photo with the Harry Holt Award.
nancy kim and family holding flowers at ceremony to receive harry holt award
At the reception, Nancy was joined by her three sons, two daughters-in-law, and and four grandchildren!

Nancy Kim embarked on her first orphan escort trip while on her honeymoon with husband David Kim (1932-2018), caring for 100 children traveling to the United States to meet their adoptive families. Although this was not the honeymoon Nancy envisioned, she embraced the challenge of caring for the children with compassion and grace.  After their move to the United States in 1965, Nancy continued their work with orphaned and vulnerable children through Holt. Nancy has served as an unofficial goodwill ambassador for Holt International throughout, building relationships with Korean officials and partners around the world. She and David hosted numerous Korean partners, adoptees and adoptive families during their 50+ years living and raising their own family in Eugene, Ore., and further supported the development of Holt International partnerships globally.

Nancy and David Kim stand before a tribute to David in the lobby of Holt’s building in Eugene in 2016. Every tiny image is a picture of a child who joined a family through adoption.

In addition, Nancy led motherland tours, providing adoptees with the chance to learn their cultural heritage and share a special time of discovery with their adoptive families. Through her dedication and devotion to orphaned and vulnerable children, she has built lasting relationships with adoptees and is highly respected in the adoption community. Nancy worked closely with the late Molly Holt (1935-2019), daughter of Harry and Bertha Holt, who also devoted her life to caring and advocating for children in Korea. Molly is also a 2020 recipient of the Harry Holt Award.

Nancy Kim and members of Holt's Board of Directors
Nancy poses with members of Holt’s board of directors and Holt president Phil Littleton. From left to right: (back) Tom Feely, Phil Littleton, Yolaine Dauphin, Linda Voelsch, (front) Susan M.W. Tahir, Derek Parker, Nancy Kim, Margaret Fitch-Hauser, Kim Lee.

“At Holt International, we work diligently to improve the lives of children across the globe. Thankfully, this legacy continues to grow and thrive with each generation because of people like Nancy Kim. We are pleased to have the opportunity to know her and to see the positive impact of her work over the years,” said Phil Littleton, president and CEO of Holt International. “Holt is honored to present the Harry Holt Award to Nancy Kim for her devotion to the mission of providing a loving and secure home for every child, and for her long-lasting influence in the lives of so many.”

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