Heart Surgery for Zaya

Holt donors helped give Zaya the lifesaving heart surgery she needed. 

At 10 years old, Zaya had never been to a doctor before. She lived in poverty with her family just outside of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. But in summer 2019 her mother passed away. And then a year later, her father went to prison. Zaya and her three siblings were placed in an orphanage. 

And then, she got even more shocking news: she had a heart condition. 

Zaya needed surgery. But living in an orphanage, how could she ever get such a complex and expensive medical procedure? 

The answer is with your help. 

 The timing was perfect. On Valentine’s Day 2022, “heart day,” donors like you came together to give Zaya the lifesaving heart surgery she needed. You helped to heal her heart. 

 Zaya received surgery right away. And it was a success! Today, she’s safely back at her orphanage and recovering well. 

Without surgery, Zaya would have started having trouble breathing, stunted growth, and even heart failure. But now, Zaya doesn’t have to worry about her health. She should live a long and healthy life. Her future is full of hope! 

 She continues to live in the Holt-supported orphanage with her siblings, where they are safe and well taken care of. Holt Mongolia, with your support, is now searching for extended family or a loving adoptive family that can give them the love and care they need as they grow up. 

But until then, Zaya knows that there are kind-hearted people near and far who care for her — who were there to heal her heart. 

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