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Happy Birthday Max John Harrison!!

Today, Max turned 14 — the age at which children become ineligible for international adoption from China. Max would have aged out today, losing his chance at a loving, permanent family of his own. Instead, Max is with his family in China, completing his adoption! Below is an email message his mom recently sent our staff, and graciously agreed to share on our blog. Happy Birthday, Max!

Meet Max John Harrison!!! He is so smart!!! He’s a walking history book!! He’s curious, happy, kind, gentle, energetic, did I say smart?

Today we talked about currency, exchange rates, salaries, how many years ago the Chinese were oppressed by the Japanese, World War II, bought some collector’s Chinese bills, some collector’s stamps and coins… talked about buying some history and science textbooks… and so much more!!!

We’re having a great time exploring Guangzhou! Eating our way through the city!! John and Phoebe and Julie have been great helps!! We look forward to meeting Chris maybe this weekend!!!

Today Max, stood on his bed, threw his hands in the air, jumped and announced, “I AM HAPPY!”

One of the photos was from yesterday when he was video-chatting with his sisters!! ?? The girls couldn’t wait for us to wake up this AM so they could video chat with him!!! You can see in the photo how happy he is!!!

Thank you, each one of you, for helping us get our son!!! We are so in love!!!

Rebecca Harrison | Adoptive Mom

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