A drawing of a flower from a sponsored child in Haiti

One of the best parts of being a Holt child sponsor are the letters and drawings you receive from your sponsored child. Their heartfelt efforts let you know just how much they appreciate your kindness.

Franceline lives in Haiti with her parents, but her parents earn very little and would not be able to send their daughter to school without the help of a child sponsor. Because of her sponsor, Franceline also receives a free breakfast every day at school. As food prices have skyrocketed in Haiti due to inflation, her parents have struggled to afford enough food for their daughter.

“Franceline explained that her parents make many sacrifices to send her to school,” our staff in Haiti writes. “The school breakfast program supported by Holt International Children’s Services is a blessing and a great relief for her parents to avoid becoming malnourished.”

In gratitude for this blessing, Franceline drew a beautiful flower — a small but special gesture for the life-changing difference her sponsor is making in her life, and in the lives of her family.

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