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Gitty Needs an Adoptive Family!

Meet Gitty, she is waiting for an adoptive family! Could your family be the right fit for her?

The first word Gitty’s caregivers use to describe her is “delightful.” She is fun, happy, talkative and engaging. Gitty loves it when others interact with her and talk to her!

She gets along well with the other children in her care home, where she is a firm favorite. Gitty loves tickles, cuddles and watching cartoons. While she can play on her own she thrives with lots of attention and friends to play with!

Gitty is almost three years old, and she attends a play school where she receives stimulation through development programs, social communication and interaction. She has received some services from a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a speech therapist, but they have been sporadic and she would benefit from consistent therapeutic services.

Gitty’s ideal adoptive family will be full of love and laughter and ready to shower Gitty with attention to help her thrive. This family will also have access to physio, occupational, and speech therapists as well as educational and medical supports.

We have covered Gitty’s face due to country restrictions on privacy, but our staff have many photos and videos of her to share with prospective families! Gitty has the sweetest smile and endears herself to everyone who meets her. Efforts to unite her with an adoptive family in her country of birth have been unsuccessful. Now international adoption is her last, best hope of finding a permanent family to give her the love she deserves!

If you think you or someone you know could be the right fit for Gitty, please email us at [email protected]!

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