From Sponsored Children

Many children love to send handwritten letters and works of art to their Holt sponsors. See what Yao from China and Mai from Vietnam sent to their sponsors!


Name: Yao • Age: 10 • Country: China

Yao lives with her mother, a single parent who had a difficult time meeting her daughter’s basic needs. Now a part of Holt’s family strengthening program, Yao also has a sponsor in the U.S. who helps to provide all the materials she needs for school as well as nutritious meals every day. She is an exceptional student and recently was named an “Honored Student” at her school.


Letter Translation:

Dear sponsor, 

All of my thoughts can be expressed by one word: THANK YOU! Thank you all for reaching out your hands to me when troubles came. It’s your help that makes the seemingly unsolvable difficulties a piece of cake. It’s your help that enables me to fly freely in this blue sky. It’s your help that helps me to realize my dreams. My mother always mentions a Chinese saying: Repay as much as you can for even a little bit of favor you have received. Yes! Then how shall I repay you? I think I will do so by studying hard to become a useful person in society. I will learn from you and help those in need! Best Regards, Yao

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Name: Mai • Age: 5 • Country: Vietnam

Mai lives with her grandparents and aunt and uncle in Vietnam, where they are part of a Holt-supported family strengthening program. Mai receives educational support for her school fees and her family received a microloan for their duck meat and rice soup business. She loves to sing, dance and play with her cousins.  She sent this picture of children flying kites to her sponsor in the U.S.

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