Little baby held in mom's arms with baby formula

Holt sponsors and donors gave emergency nutrition to a hungry baby!

Little baby in mother's arms

Just an infant, baby Ravi was underweight. 

He was too skinny and cried often from hunger. Especially for a baby just months old, hunger and malnutrition can be so dangerous — and even have permanent effects on development. But his family lived in poverty, and there wasn’t enough food for Ravi’s mom or older sister either… 

But now, with the help of Holt sponsors and donors, Ravi and his family are getting the help they need! 

First, Ravi went to a pediatrician for treatment. And when the doctor recommended a special baby formula for Ravi to give him extra calories and nutrients, they helped give it to him. 

Just a few months later, Ravi has gained important weight. He is out of the danger zone and will grow and develop like he should! 

His family is getting the food they need too – with Holt’s partner organization in India bringing them food every day until they can provide it for themselves. 

Thank you to Holt sponsors and donors for the lifesaving, life-changing food help they gave to baby Ravi, and his whole family! 

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Give food to a hungry child.

Children are hungry because of skyrocketing food prices. But just $1.50 feeds a hungry child for one day.

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