Food for Migrant Children in India

At a makeshift camp for migrant families and children in India, Holt donors are providing lifesaving food.

Children in migrant communities in southern India are hungry. 

Their families moved here in search of a better life, but only found deeper poverty. They live in makeshift tarp tents and a dirty environment. And they don’t get enough to eat. 

But Holt donors are reaching across the world to ensure that hundreds of these children have enough to eat — giving them warm porridge and nutritious hard-boiled eggs every day!

These brothers who live in a migrant camp in southern India received supplements to help combat malnutrition.

In addition to this emergency daily food, these children and their families are also receiving the nutrition support to help them grow strong and healthy over time. Parents are attending trainings where they learn the difference between healthy foods, and foods that don’t provide all the nutrients that growing kids need. 

Additionally, our nutrition team there is checking children’s iron levels. Half of the children we just tested were low in iron – a nutrient critical for growing brains and bodies. These children are receiving extra supplements and health support in addition to their daily food! 

With your help, children are not only getting the food they need for today, but the proper nutrition they need for tomorrow. 

Thank you for filling their tummies and helping them grow! 

Give Free School Lunch to a Hungry Child

So many children arrive at school without having eaten breakfast. Hunger pains keep them from learning in school. But just $30 provides school lunch to one child for one month!

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